Deeksha Academy

Ace first established its brand through Ace Academy in 1998 and now called as Deeksha Academy. The philosophy behind Deeksha Academy is to ensure that no student is left behind. Deeksha believes that all students who are determined to get into the national engineering and medical colleges should be provided with the opportunities and proper guidance to achieve their purpose. To this effect, the Academy imparts knowledge to students through partner schools in various prominent locations in Bangalore and other major cities in Karnataka after college hours..

Lectures at the Deeksha Academy are facilitated through a team of highly qualified and experienced professors, who are graduates from IITs and doctorates in diverse academic disciplines from some of the world renowned universities.

The course materials are prepared by some of the scholastic professors of Ace with an aim of providing students with exhaustive study materials and relevant numericals without hovering much on trivial concepts.

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