Culture of Oneness

Everything that makes up a person’s entire way of life – including thinking, behaviour and actions – is culture. Culture of an organization is determined by the employees working in the organization. Organizational culture is a system of shared values and beliefs about what is important and appropriate in an organization; it also includes feelings and relationships internally and externally. Once the culture is identified, it is spread to every employee. Sustaining the culture of the organization is vital for retaining the identity of the organization, as an organization is typically known for its achievements as well as its culture.

The backbone of Ace is its strong culture. The Ace Culture is ‘WeCare’ and it extends to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime (AAA) – every stakeholder, every person connected or interacting with the organization; senior or junior, employee or visitor, in an interview of prospective employee or exit interview, student or parent. This culture strings the organization and its stakeholders together in a spirit of Oneness. Team spirit and inclusiveness have been the most major reasons for the organization to achieve what it has in a short period of time. The Ace Culture unfolds into the Ace Values of Ownership, Caring, Integrity, Prudence and Inclusiveness. These values provide guidance to the employees with respect to their attitude and approach while involving in the various initiatives and activities of the organization.