Ace Careers

An enthusiasm for achievement unites us

Ace is a large family of teachers and professionals who work together for the common cause of providing quality education to students. While various centers and departments have their respective goals to achieve and work towards the same, Aceians spend some portion of their time to contribute towards the overall organizational objectives. An Aceian is known to whole heartedly rise to those critical occasions when an emergency task comes up – this at short notice – and accomplish the same to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Senior or junior, Managing Director or Junior Executive, have little relevance in the flow of work. The clear understanding of an Aceian is that designations signify the role that each one has to perform, rather than creating and living in hierarchies. This facilitates an informal ambience which ensures that there are no Monday blues! Even as work goes on intensely, Aceians are known to find those moments to enliven the atmosphere without compromising on the work at hand. The word ‘family’ aptly sums up the overall environment at Ace.