About Ace

Ace Creative Learning is an education solutions company, offering training and guidance to students preparing for various engineering and medical entrance examinations through distinct teaching environments: Deeksha Network and Deeksha Academy.

The Ace’s story

Ace was started in 1998 by Dr. G. Sridhar, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkin University, U.S.A. In the first five years of operation, Ace provided guidance for various competitive examinations in the form of evening programs in partner schools and open centers.

In 2004, Dr. Sridhar along with Mrs. Lalit Sridhar, established Deeksha Center for Learning PU College, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. Deeksha Network provided training for both Board and competitive examinations. The need for tuitions was avoided and students were able to balance Board exam studies and competitive examination studies with enough time to study and pursue other interests.

In 2008, Ace transformed into a private limited company; Ace Creative Learning Pvt. Ltd. and activities of Ace were merged with the company. The knowledge and experience gained in the decade was combined with professional management to implement the Deeksha Network in partner institutions in Karnataka, Maharastra and Gujarat.

Ace has tremendously grown bigger. The efforts of the organization have paid off as Deeksha campuses have expanded to 39 campuses and a company started with two people, is now having around 1,500 employees to build a better tomorrow. The path is set to take the company global with products like DeekshaTAB and many more to come.